The Canby Now Podcast is a free, twice-weekly audio program bringing you all the latest Canby news, sports, happenings, commentary and reviews, as well as cool history stories and interesting conversations. We think it’s the best and easiest way to stay connected to your hometown, and we have a growing audience who seems to agree! 

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Every episode of the Canby Now Podcast starts by giving you the latest news from Canby and surrounding Clackamas County, followed by an interview with an interesting guest from the local area, which we call The Canby Conversation. We fill out the show with a mix of other recurring segments.

Canby Then: Our ever-popular history segment, where we discover untold or little-known stories about the history of our town.

Poetry Now: Readings of classic poems to uplift, encourage and inspire. We  do these most episodes and try to theme them to the day’s guest, if we can.

Out and About: A shorter segment, on the scene from a local event or a new business.

Soapbox: Tyler Francke and Tyler Clawson, the hosts of the Canby Now Podcast, jump in the studio to discuss local happenings and show-related news.

On the Books: We catch up with Megan Waterman, owner of The Book Nook, to hear her latest book recommendations from a variety of genres.

Coffee Now: We hang out with the baristas at the Cutsforth’s Market Cafe once a month to taste their latest creations.

Yap at the Tap: Our popular recurring series sitting down with Mayor Brian Hodson for a craft beer and talk about the latest city business at FOB Taproom.

On the Line: This is a recurring segment where we, um, talk to people on the phone. Look — some of these names are not that clever, all right?

Canby Us: Stories of Canby. Tyler is leading this series off with some of his funny memories of growing up here in town.

At the Movies: We sometimes get invited to advance screenings of big Hollywood movies. When that happens, we tell you about them.