A Quiet Place: Coronavirus Forces Gwynn’s Coffeehouse to Close Doors

In a video posted to the Gwynn’s Coffeehouse Facebook page Monday afternoon, owner Mallory Gwynn’s eyes wet with tears as he gazed over the empty, quiet shop and attempted to explain why his family business is closing its doors.

“I can’t help but think, as we put our business plan together, that this was a place of community, a place of gathering and a place of conversation,” he said, his voice choked with emotion. “And it’s not that right now.”

The coffeehouse, like most local restaurants and pubs, has spent the past week trying to survive in a new landscape drastically altered by the coronavirus pandemic, where eating establishments can remain open, but offer only take-out, curbside pickup and delivery.

For them, it simply wasn’t sustainable, as Gwynn admitted the coffeeshop’s revenue was already down by half.

“We simply cannot sustain ourselves that way,” he said.

So, “with heavy hearts and sadness,” the Gwynn family made the decision to close the shop until, hopefully, the governor’s COVID-related orders are lifted and the economic situation for many has begun to improve.

The family did not offer a timeline for the closure or when they hope to be back in business.

“We’re going to take some time and let this thing pass by, and we’ll go from there,” Gwynn said.

Despite the disappointment, he praised the community and thanked them for their support, calling it “incredible, just the love and the giving that’s gone on.”

“We want to wish all of our customers and this community all the love and appreciation that we have in our hearts,” he said. “You’ve been amazing to us, and we thank you for that.”

“We wish all of you well,” Gwynn said in the video, pots of blooming spring tulips on the table before him. A symbol of hope. “Be safe, and we’ll see you again.”

We certainly hope so.

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