County Seeking Applicants for New Tobacco Retail License Task Force

Clackamas County is creating a new advisory body, the Tobacco Retail License Task Force, which will provide feedback on the ordinance and recommendations on policy strategies to address the problem of youth access to tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems.

This new task Force will represent business and community interests in discussions, recognize the relationship between tobacco control policy, public health and economic development and prioritize equity when providing recommendations to the Public Health Division.

The committee will be responsible for providing recommendations to the Public Health Division on a proposed tobacco retail license ordinance that addresses the problem of youth access to tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems in Clackamas County.

If the Board of Health adopts such an ordinance, the Task Force will advise on the rules to implement the County’s tobacco retail licensing ordinance.

Task Force members will attend up to six meetings over the course of one year, beginning in June, 2019. Each meeting will last up to three hours and convene at the Clackamas County offices in Oregon City. (See the draft Task Force charter here.)

Applications can be submitted online at

The deadline for applications is May 30. For more information, or to request a paper application, contact Allison Gallegos-Jeffrey at 503-742-5340 or

Photo by Vaping360.

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