JVNW is now ICC Northwest

JVNW, a Canby-based manufacturer of tanks and systems for beer, wine, cider and other industries, has a new name: ICC Northwest. The change comes after it was announced that operations at the company’s 50,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Canby would be assumed by ICC Group, an engineering and design firm based in St. Louis.

JVNW was founded in 1981. The company manufactures custom stainless steel tanks for the food processing, beverage, pharmaceutical, pure water and chemical industries, some as much as 50 feet tall.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but it was indicated that the Canby plant would now operate as one of ICC’s five regional offices. ICC said in a press release that all of JVNW’s staff would be retained, saying “they are the backbone of our industry,” and that they would hire more.

“ICC’s entrance allows JVNW’s legacy to live on to accomplish an even bigger vision, explore cutting-edge technologies, and offering full engineering packages that will directly benefit clients, their business pursuits and their bottom line,” the press release said.

The move further strengthens ICC’s standing in the craft brew industry. Last year, they were contracted by the Craft Brew Alliance, which is based in Portland, to design and build a new $23 million Kona Brewery in Hawaii. The project is currently under construction.

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