Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office Releases Statements from Survivors of Quadruple Homicide

The Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office today released statements from the adult woman and young girl who survived the quadruple murder on South Barlow Road this weekend.

The 8-year-old girl, Hailey Grimm, was reportedly being strangled by suspect Mark Gago when deputies arrived on the scene. They used lethal force on Gago to save Hailey’s life.

Her mother, Shaina Sweitzer, was one of the victims of the homicidal rampage. She is now living with grandparents.

The following is a statement from Tracy Burbank:

“I appreciate all the support I have received in the last few days. I ask that you please respect my privacy while I look for a way to move on with my life. I will not be accepting any requests from the media for statements or interviews. Please allow me the time and space to heal and move forward.”

The following is a statement from the family of Hailey Grimm:

“We want to thank the public for the out pouring of love and support you have shown for Hailey. Your thoughts and kind words have been a great comfort to her. We are now, turning our focus to Hailey’s care and treatment and ask you to please respect her privacy as she starts down her path to healing.

We ask that if you have further questions about this incident or about Hailey that you direct them to the police who are working on the case. We plan on devoting our energies now on taking care of Hailey and helping her move forward.

Again we want to thank everyone who has kept Hailey in their thoughts and prayers and we appreciate all of the love and support. We will not be accepting any further requests for statements or interviews at this time.”

The Canby Now Podcast has a strict policy against harassing the victims of crime, or interfering with police who are investigating these crimes. We believe we are more than capable of doing our job of keeping the public informed by working through the proper channels.

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