Colton Firefighters Help Deliver Baby on Woodburn-Estacada Highway Early Wednesday

Our local first responders have been getting ready for anything the past couple weeks, as the rapidly evolving coronavirus pandemic takes shape. But I think it’s safe to say firefighters with the Colton Rural Fire Protection District weren’t expecting this.

Their personnel helped deliver a baby early Wednesday morning on Woodburn-Estacada Highway near Molalla.

“This morning at approximately 4:45 a.m., Colton Fire crews were able to bring a new life into the world on S. Highway 211 near Short Fellows Road,” Colton Fire PIO Chris Cohoon reported on Twitter. Baby and mother were transported to the hospital by Molalla Fire. I just spoke to the family and both are doing great!”

Cohoon said he could not release further information about the case because of HIPAA and because the family had asked for privacy, which is perfectly understandable.

Still, it’s always nice to know that, even in these uncertain times, our local firefighters stand ready to deliver, whatever the circumstances.

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