Gresham Man Suspected of Exposing Himself to Children in Portland Area and Clackamas County

A Gresham man suspected of public indecency and possession of child pornography may have exposed himself to children in Gresham, Southest Portland and Clackamas County over the last several months, according to investigators.

Thirty-year-old D-Jay David McKenzie was arrested Wednesday and booked at the Multnomah County jail on over a dozen charges. He is accused of possessing multiple pornographic images of children, and of masturbating while driving his blue sedan in public, in view of minors.  McKenzie apparently recorded some of these encounters, police say.

According to the affidavit obtained by Fox 12, the pornographic images McKenzie allegedly had in his possession were mainly of children between the ages of 4 and 8. McKenzie’s alleged behavior came to light when he gave his phone and password to a friend while he was at the hospital. The friend discovered the pornography and video of McKenzie masturbating in public in the vicinity of children and reported him to the police.

Fox 12 reports that McKenzie was nude while driving near young girls on at least two occasions, and that in both cases, he stopped the car nearby and touched himself inappropriately.

Investigators want to speak to anyone who may have witnessed him engage in these types of behavior. Anyone with information about McKenzie is asked to contact Detective Adam Wright at 503-618-2233

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