Man Rescued After Spending Night Trapped on Freight Train

A man was rescued by fire crews Saturday morning after a night spent trapped on a freight train near Camp Withycombe, unable to extract himself from stacks of lumber.

The incident was reported to Clackamas Fire by a train worker, who was performing a routine inspection when he heard yelling from inside a load of large wood beams. He called 911, and crews reported to the scene, near the intersection of Minuteman Way and Lawnfield Road in Clackamas.

The man was uninjured, but very weak and unable to climb out, firefighters reported. Due to the man’s position, the Clackamas Fire Technical Rescue Team was called to the scene to use a rope system and aerial ladder to lift him out.

After evaluating multiple options, the rescue team was able to safely secure a rope to the patient and lift him out using the tip of an aerial ladder. Once he was removed, the patient was evaluated for injuries and transported to an area hospital for further evaluation.

The rescue took just over an hour, with the train track being shut down during this time.

The man told fire crews he had gotten on the train in Eugene and fell into the stack of lumber, spending the night trapped between the beams.

The Technical Rescue Team is made up of Clackamas firefighters who are highly trained to perform complex rescues, including rope maneuvers, confined space rescues and extrications.

Courtesy Clackamas Fire District No. 1.

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