Bethany Invites Community to ‘Chalk the Church’

Chalk it up to the maddening effects of months of the coronavirus lock-down, along with school closures and the cancelation of many camps and other diversions, but most parents and children are in desperate need of something — anything — to do this summer.

Enter Bethany Church, which is inviting the community to cover its parking lot in chalk this Saturday, during an event they call “Chalk the Church,” which will include plenty of socially distanced family fun — and free ice cream.

“During this Covid crisis, we, as a church, have really been focusing on loving our neighbors and encouraging our people to keep reaching out to those around them,” explains Children’s Ministry Director Robin Jennings. “As this pandemic has stretched on, a common theme of irritability and stress has risen not only in the adults but also in the children, who are struggling to process all this change and new normal.”

Irritability and stress? Hey — have you been spying on our house, Robin?

Anyway. Jennings, whose husband, Jeff, is lead pastor at Bethany, says the church’s staff has been brainstorming ways to reach out to the community, to “let them know we see them and understand how hard this quarantine has been on everyone, but especially families with kids.”

That’s where the idea of a socially distant chalk event came from.

“I have three little ones, and they have been loving this summer weather and being able to get out and play,” says Jennings. “They have been going through chalk like crazy, too! We know that not everyone in town has a driveway to color on or space to get out and get the wiggles out. But at Bethany, we have plenty of parking lot.”

The event will be from 1 to 3 p.m. Saturday, July 11. For questions, email Robin Jennings at, or contact the church on Facebook.

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