Clackamas Community College to Host Performance Based on Life of Multnomah Circuit Judge

Clackamas Community College will host a performance of “Judge Torres” Nov. 6 at noon in the Gregory Forum, 19600 Molalla Ave.

Based on the true story of Multnomah County Circuit Judge Xiomara Torres, “Judge Torres” is a story of magic and Mayan folktales, of loss and abuse, and ultimately, of triumph against all odds. In 1980, 9-year-old Xiomara Torres and her family are led across a river by a “coyote,” or smuggler, as they make their way to their new life in America. It’s in this river that she meets La Siguanaba, a mythical being from Salvadoran legends who chooses to guide her, providing her strength and wisdom as she makes her way down a difficult path.

As Torres grows up an undocumented immigrant in America, she’s exposed to a culture that isn’t too fond of people like her and gets placed in foster care and separated from her siblings at a young age. Though challenges threaten to overwhelm her at every turn, the audience sees her willpower and strength in this imaginative tribute.

Though Torres came of age nearly 30 years ago, her story and struggles are still relevant today. “Judge Torres” gives a way to address and discuss these sophisticated issues in an inventive, safe space.  “Judge Torres” is paired with Teatro Milagro’s UNIDAD workshops that use theater to address bullying, harassment and student isolation by focusing on themes of identity, stereotypes and community support.

“Judge Torres” is written by Milta Ortiz and directed by Mandana Khoshnevisan. The 2019 tour of “Judge Torres” is made possible by The Ventura Group, Inc., EC Brown Foundation, Juan Young Trust and the Portland Clinic Foundation.

Admission is free and open to the public. This play is sponsored by the Clackamas Community College World Languages Department and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee.

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