Organizers Announce One-Year Break for Wild Hare Country Festival; Red Dirt to Return in 2021

Wild Hare Country Festival, a spin-off of the popular Harefest that shines a spotlight on red dirt music, bands and artists, will be taking the year off in 2020, organizers recently announced.

The nascent celebration of traditional, red dirt country music had a successful second year, including great reviews by fans and a glowing write-up from Saving Country Music. The site’s editor and creator, Kyle “Trigger” Coroneos, said the Canby-based festival’s talent and production values “rival most any other festival in Texas and Oklahoma proper.”

“Stepping onto the grounds of Wild Hare is like taking a trip to Texas, with the same familial atmosphere among fans and artists, the ‘music first’ attitude that welcomes you whether you’re young or old, hip or not, and the camaraderie among everyone is something you look forward to just as much as the music,” Trigger wrote. “When Cody Johnson took the stage Saturday night, thousands of fans roared to life, and were singing every word to his songs.”

We were there and can confirm: It was one heck of a party.

But, organizers Jason Fellman, of J-Fell Presents, and Joan Monen, of the Wild Hare Saloon, say the need came to “hit the pause button” and focus their energies on a triumphant return in 2021, with “changes necessary to keep the event sustainable for the long term.”

It was “not an easy decision,” they admitted, but one that was necessary for the long term.

In the meantime, Team J&J say they will “continue to support authentic Country, Red Dirt, and Americana artists who are performing throughout the Northwest” and encouraged supporters to join the Wild Hare Country Festival fan group on Facebook to stay up-to-date on local concerts and other happenings.

The announcement does not affect Harefest 10, which is slated for July 10-11, 2020.

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