Facing Looming Budget Shortfall, Clackamas County Seeks Public Input on Services

Facing a looming shortfall in the coming fiscal year, Clackamas County leaders are encouraging all residents and stakeholders to complete a survey rating various county services.

County leaders say public feedback on the value of services is needed because of an “anticipated budget gap” in the 2020-2021 budget, as the county faces declining state/federal revenues, general increases in the cost of doing business and rising financial obligations.

The survey, which takes an estimated 7-10 minutes to complete, ask the public to weigh in on services in the categories of public health, vulnerable populations, law and justice, planning, taxation and finance, development and general public services.

Residents and stakeholders can take the survey at http://bit.ly/RateCountyServices.

Clackamas County Administrator Gary Schmidt will use the results of the survey to formulate and present a proposed budget for the county’s Budget Committee next spring. The results will also be released publicly.

Clackamas County says their current fiscal year budget is balanced, as required by law.

“The end result of this process will be a sustainable budget that is lean and effective,” County Administrator Gary Schmidt said in a press release. “We’re becoming more efficient to live within our means.”

Clackamas County has already taken several measures to cut costs, including a hiring freeze and an internal outreach campaign to find other ways to save and become more efficient.

Residents can learn more about the county’s budget campaign and process at http://bit.ly/RightsizeClackCoBudget and www.clackamas.us/budget.

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