Molalla River State Park Could Be Possible Home for Canby Dog Park

For years, residents have waited for the promised Canby Dog Park. City leaders could finally deliver on the project through a new partnership with the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department at Molalla River State Park.

At last week’s City Council meeting, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Chairman Mark Triebwasser explained that, with the local park maintenance fee now on the books for over a year, supporters of the local dog park are getting a little antsy.

It could come even sooner than expected, if a partnership can be worked out with Molalla State Park, which may be interested in hosting a fenced area for dogs.

According to Triebwasser, the effort to build a park dedicated to dogs and their owners began seven years ago, with a local petition that was presented to and accepted by the City Council.

The park has gone through several phases of development and design over the years. While support for the dog park has never waned, funding for the construction and maintenance of the facility was not always as quick to materialize.

Partnering with the state park service would require an intergovernmental agreement, with many details still to work out. The discussion about whether the city should pursue such a route will happen at a later date.

Photo by Tony Webster.

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