Public Asked to Weigh in on Design of French Prairie Ped & Bike Bridge

The city of Wilsonville is seeking public input on the design of the proposed French Prairie Bike & Ped Bridge across the Willamette River. If the project is realized, the bridge would provide a safe connection for hikers, cyclists and emergency vehicles between Wilsonville and Aurora, Donald and Canby.

Officials are asking the public to pick one of two bridge designs, Cable-stayed and Suspension bridge, which were selected for their low impact on waterways and the ability to serve as a memorable landmark. The online survey will feature additional bridge design information and photo realistic images of the two bridge types at the selected bridge location.

Cable-Stayed Bridge

Suspension Bridge

The survey is now live at Online voting will continue through May 5.

Right now, the main option across the Willamette River is the frequently congested Boones Ferry Bridge on I-5, which carries over 120,000 vehicles every day and provides cyclists and pedestrians with no separation from traffic due to substandard shoulder widths.

The proposed bridge would provide a connection for the 1,000 miles of existing multiuse trails that stretch across three counties, including the 134-mile Willamette Valley scenic bikeway to Eugene.

Traffic backups can also impact emergency response time, and the proposed French Prairie Bridge would provide an I-5 incident response option for emergency responders. The French Prairie bridge would be located adjacent to the existing bridge, connecting Boones Ferry Road in Wilsonville with Butteville Road in Aurora.

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