Senate Republicans Blast MOU Between Timber Groups, Environmentalists as ‘Bait and Switch’

Senate Republicans on Tuesday blasted a recently announced memorandum of understanding (MOU) that Gov. Kate Brown helped broker between timber groups and environmentalists this week.

It was, in the words of Gov. Brown, a “historic” and “unprecedented” agreement, one that would allow representatives of both groups to “chart a collaborative course toward meaningful, science-based forest management in Oregon.”

Even Timber Unity, who hosted their own “historic” demonstration last week in protest of the state’s latest cap and trade proposal, hailed the electoral cease-fire as “the best possible outcome” over a number of forestry-related ballot measures that were coming down the pike.

Senate Republicans, however, denounced the agreement as a “bait and switch,” and said it would make it difficult to block the “very controversial cap and trade bill,” SB 1530.

“The corporate timber industry sold out to the Democratic super majority, hurting small timber businesses in the process, and have undermined all past and future efforts by the Senate Republicans to address cap and trade,” said Senate Republican Leader Herman Baertschiger Jr. (R-Grants Pass). “Cap and trade needs to go to the ballot. Let the people decide.”

Read the complete MOU here.

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