Clackamas County Deputies Save Infant’s Life at Town Center Mall

Three Clackamas County deputies were recognized this week for saving the life of a week-old infant at Clackamas Town Center.

On Sunday, Sept. 30, Deputies Jonathan Zacharkiw, Dan Olson and Jonah Russell sprinted through the mall, on an urgent call of a newborn, Audrey Harmon, who had stopped breathing in the photo studio at JCPenney.

They found the baby with her parents, pale and unresponsive. The mother had called 911 and a number of Good Samaritans had helped the parents and attempted infant CPR.

The deputies took control of the situation, clearing the baby’s airway, performing chest compressions and other life-saving measures until paramedics arrived. Baby Audrey was eventually transported to OHSU, where she remains in intensive care, but her condition is steadily improving.

One week later, Oct. 7, Audrey’s parents, Kaylob Harmon and Jesse Siefer, invited the deputies to the hospital to visit Audrey and take a photo.

“Kaylob told us he wanted a picture to show Audrey one day of the guys who saved her life,” Deputy Zacharkiw said. “It was unbelievably heartwarming to be invited back, and amazing to see how far she has progressed since last Sunday.”

Video of the incident:

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