Canby School District Congratulates — and Graduates — the Class of 2019

Twelve long years, thousands of hours and countless books and math problems, writing assignments and class projects. Athletic achievement, artistic enterprise, charitable endeavors. Friendships made, and friendships lost. It all culminated Friday night, as hundreds of local seniors graduated from Canby High School.

That’s Principal Greg Dinse, leading the procession, dressed in full Scottish kilts and playing the bagpipes as he has traditionally done on graduation and on the first day of school.

Earlier last week, Principal Dinse had presided over the CHS Awards Ceremony, in which individual members of the class of 2019 were recognized for their many academic and vocational achievements. Graduating seniors from Canby High collected millions of dollars in scholarships this year, and almost a dozen will proudly soon begin a new career serving their country in the United States Armed Forces.

These students are Dylan Ashmore (Army), Steven Dale (Army), Nicholas Gonzalez (Marine Corps), Sam Krauss (Air Force ROTC), Thomas Mitchell (Navy), Tristan Pajente (Air Force), Dalton Roush (Marine Corps), Joshua Rowden (Marine Corps), Dalton Sherrill (Marine Corps), Jacob Smith (Army), Athena Yeamens (Army Reserve) and Ulises Nunez Zamora (Army).

Thank you for your service.

At graduation, Dinse set the bagpipes aside as he presented the class of 2019 to parents, families and the greater community. In brief remarks, he made the observation that school as the only place in the world where we’re “expected to excel in everything at the same time.”

Superintendent Trip Goodall encouraged students, as they enter the workforce, the military or the next phase of their education, to continue to embrace a “culture of kindness.”

An incredible 13 students graduated with perfect, 4.0 GPAs: Connor Saltmarsh (OSU), Emma Gingerich (Whitworth), Jessie Thompson (Linfield), Lauryn Crum (Church Mission), Lillian Lockwood (Grand Canyon University), Madi Miller (Whitworth), Makena Phillips (Lewis & Clark), Maren Gingerich (Grinnell), Nathaniel McNichols (OSU), Rose Phillips (Northern Arizona), Sadie Thomas (OSU), Tess Reding Hoffart (Western Washington) and Trevor Taylor (Gonzaga).

As Principal Dinse pointed out, it was more than a ceremony for the graduating class. It was a rite of passage, a doorway to a much bigger world, full of possibilities, challenges and opportunities. From us and our listeners here at the Canby Now Podcast, we congratulate the class of 2019 on your incredible accomplishments and we wish all the best and much success in your future endeavors.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, you’ve got a home here in Canby. Baz Luhrmann, play us out:

Photo courtesy the Canby School District.

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