Who Says It’s Not Gardening Season? Clackamas Community College Offering Winter Horticulture Workshops

Start the fall gardening season off with a workshop from the Clackamas Community College Horticulture Department.

Beekeeping School

Saturdays, Feb. 1 and 8
9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Fee: $50

Beekeeping is growing in popularity because of its importance in pollination, honey production and as a relaxing hobby. This two-day workshop is intended to prepare new and beginner beekeepers with knowledge, demonstrations and lists of resources. Topics will include: basic bee biology, proper equipment, handling of bees, hive pest and disease control, feeding and more. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Portland Metro Beekeepers Association.

Fruit Tree Pruning

Saturday, Feb. 8
9-11:50 a.m.
Fee: $10

Participants will see the demonstration and practice of pruning methods appropriate for a variety of fruit trees. Bring pruning tools and appropriate outdoor wear. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Home Orchard Society.

Fruit Tree Grafting – Beginner

Saturday, Feb. 29
9-10:45 a.m.
Fee: $20

Get hands-on explanation and practice in whip grafting of fruit trees under the supervision of experienced grafters. Participants will be provided with a rootstock and scion wood. Bring a straight-edged knife. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Home Orchard Society.

Fruit Tree Grafting – Intermediate

Saturday, Feb. 29
11 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Fee: $20

Participants will gain hands-on practice with advanced grafting methods: cleft, kerf, bark and inarching. A rootstock and scion wood will be provided. Bring a straight-edged knife. This workshop is co-sponsored by the Home Orchard Society.

Soil Test Analysis and Organic Soil Nutrition

Tuesday, Jan. 7
9-11:50 a.m.
Fee: $25

Soil testing is critical to making proper application of nutrients to ensure healthy plants. Participants will learn how to take a soil sample, interpret soil tests and determine natural soil amendments/soil management practices to use. Bring soil tests to this workshop and learn how to interpret them. Those without test results will also benefit from attending.

Participants wishing to bring soil test results should contact lorettam@clackamas.edu for soil test taking details by Dec. 13.

All workshops meet in Clairmont Hall on the Oregon City campus, 19600 Molalla Ave. For information on how to register for classes, contact Loretta Mills at 503-594-3292 or lorettam@clackamas.edu, or visit www.clackamas.edu/workshops.

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