Canby Police Department Plans Pedestrian Safety Operation

The Canby Police Department will be conducting a pedestrian safety operation mid-day on Monday, Sept. 23, 2019.

The operation will take place at a marked crosswalk on S. Ivy Street near SE 3rd Avenue. Police say they picked this crosswalk because it is on a straight stretch and clearly visible in both directions, and because this area has also been the topic of citizen complaints.

The crosswalk will be marked with warning signs the day prior to the operation. The enforcement operation will focus on vehicles failing to stop and remain stopped for pedestrians in a marked crosswalk

Canby police say the goal of the operation is to raise pedestrian safety awareness. Through the use of a decoy pedestrian, the officers hope to raise the awareness of drivers and pedestrians through education and enforcement of pedestrian right of way laws.

Although motorists who fail to yield to the pedestrian will be targeted, police will stop motorists for any violation, including illegal cellphone use. The base fine for failing to stop for a pedestrian is $265.

This operation was made possible through Oregon Department of Transportation Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Division and Oregon Impact.

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